Requests for changing

Change requests correspond to planned infrastructure modification operations.

In this context, REQUEA solutions manage:

  • The follow-up of the change request
  • The approval of the different stages thanks to the workflow engine
  • Scheduling associated tasks with the planning engine
  • The capture and centralization of the various information prior to the application or collected during the process

Stage tracking workflow

The workflow engine integrated with REQUEA allows

  • The follow-up of the steps
  • the sending of notification or restart mails

Tasks and planning

The planning system makes it possible to calculate the progress and the dates of execution of the tasks in order to arrive at a realization of the requests within the fixed deadlines.

Time tracking and SLA

The REQUEA solution integrate an SLA tracking engine which allows:

  • Measurement of the time spent via configurable counters
  • Calculation of contractual SLA limits
  • Suspension of time counters
  • Sending alerts
  • Calculation of times according to working hours, public holidays
  • Multi-time zone support, multi calendar (holidays)