ITIL Incident management

ITIL Incidents and Processes

Incident management is used to manage incidents, in the ITIL sense, to restore the service as quickly as possible.

REQUEA allows :

  • Follow-up of the incident
  • Assignment to resolution groups
  • Categorization and description of incidents
  • Monitoring of resolution and communication with users

Integration with other ITSM systems

REQUEA solutions can be integrated with other incident management systems for passing all or part of the ticket information, including with third-party or existing systems.

The integrated solution then constitutes a global system where tickets are automatically exchanged according to criteria such as:

  • uppermost requirement
  • subpoena
  • Support groups
  • Deadlines for resolutions

Integration with other ITIL modules

Incidents may result:

  • A request for service,
  • A high-level alarm,
  • An email or a WebService call

They may result in:

  • A problem in the ITIL sense
  • A change request

Time Tracking and SLA

The REQUEA solutions integrate an SLA tracking engine which allows:

  • Measurement of the time spent via configurable counters
  • Calculation of contractual SLA limits
  • Suspension of time counters
  • Sending alerts
  • Calculation of times according to working hours, public holidays
  • Multi-time zone support, multi calendar (holidays)

Managing ITIL issues

The problem management mode is used to centralize the resolution of service disruptions. This centralization provides an overall view of the incident that will determine its causes. This module can be integrated into the incident management mode.