Physical network inventory

Standardization of equipment descriptions

The description of the network inventories is based on a triple model allowing standardization of the management rules and an optimization of the description of the park:

  • The families of equipment describe the major families of network or computer equipment (WIFI, Switches, …)
  • The models of equipment make it possible to centralize the data manufacturer (technical characteristics, manuals, …)
  • The equipment describes the current state of the park

Management of hierarchies

REQUEA allows you a complete description of the park and in particular the management of the component and configuration elements hierarchies:

  • The chassis, with their slots, their maps and associated ports
    Simple network devices with their ports and configuration items
  • Fixed or portable computers with their components
  • Servers with their components and configurations

Audit and reconciliation with automated inventories

Integrations with inventory inventory tools or network inventory as well as equipment configuration tools enable a comparison and a reconciliation with the state observed in the field.

Gap analyzes are used to establish audits and to detect possible problems in the monitoring of change processes.

Mobility Inventory Management

Inventory information is also available in mobile mode (iOS and Android) in a connected or disconnected version when network access is not possible. The teams in the field thus have at all times relevant information.


Integration of evolutions

Monitoring the status of network or computer equipment and the complete traceability of changes and changes in the inventory make it easier to diagnose problems and ensure consistent management with the actual state of the fleet.


Wiring management

End-to-end management

The REQUEA wiring management system provides a complete description of the connections between:

  • Splitters, cabinets, racks
  • Patch bays, cards, patchblocks, network equipment
  • Brewing garters, cables, fiber links, radio links
  • Physical network topology (radio, twisted pair, fiber, wired buses

The end-to-end representation allows for a follow-up of the physical connections and a better understanding of the impacts linked to a break in a link.

 Monitoring the use of resources

The occupancy rates of each equipment are calculated and historized to predict capacity problems on physical links or network equipment.

Automatic optimization tools

Automatic routing tools make it possible to optimize the installation of new connections or the change of existing links according to:

  • The network topology (distances, attenuation),
  • Of technological constraints (compatibility of termination types)
  • Of the existing capacity of the equipment or cables
  • To minimize the number of connections or to optimize the distribution of uses on the cables

Management of informatics equipment

IT management

The REQUEA solutions allow you to manage your IT equipment and in particular the following equipment:

  • Office computers
  • laptop
  • Office network equipment (switch, WIFI routers)
  • printers

Software licensing and contract management

An important part of the cost of IT equipment is now related to the use of software licenses.

A fine description of these contracts allows you to better manage and therefore a significant saving of associated costs.

In addition, the arrival of Cloud-based SaaS-type contracts introduces a new complexity that needs to be managed.

Automated Inventory

REQUEA solutions are integrated with automated inventory tools and retrieve information about equipment and the condition of the park in order to have an up-to-date and complete view of the computer park.