M2M and smart objects

More and more objects become communicative. Electricity or water meters automatically raise consumption and allow a more accurate billing of consumption, for example.

In the other direction, centralized monitoring and control systems enable remote and automatic operation on a large number of remote devices via radio or internet links.

REQUEA has developed an expertise on M2M issues on topics such as collecting meter consumptions, raising alarms or sending orders to activate or deactivate systems on so-called “intelligent” networks.

A large number of equipment

Networks and M2M systems distinguish by a number of equipment that can be very important.

REQUEA systems manage complex systems with equipment volumetries of up to several million interconnected systems.

Specific network topologies

M2M solutions require the management of sometimes specific networks. Thanks to the flexibility of its information management models, REQUEA allows the implementation of solutions adapted to complex topologies.

Significant volumes of data

Potentially, the raw data from the equipment are large volumes that need to be stored, analyzed and exploited.

Using technologies or techniques such as Big Data, data sinks, asynchronous processing or topological segmentation, REQUEA systems allow the implementation of systems for analyzing information and the state of the M2M network.