A simplified booking system

Requea’s Resource Management solution provides users with a simplified search and reservation interface for available resources based on planning, constraints and location.

Monitoring the use of resources

The REQUEA solutions make it possible to raise the utilization rates, or the consumption measures and to present them in the form of:

  • Use tracking graphs
  • Consumption monitoring graphs
  • Statistical analysis of uses by date, sensor, system, person, service, department, …

Management of associated services

Requea solutions can be deployed to take into account complementary services such as restoration, installation of rooms, provision of shared equipment such as video projectors, viso conferencing, etc.

Better resource management

By tracking demands and usage statistics, Requea allows you to better monitor changes in user needs and therefore you can respond to them most effectively by improving user satisfaction.
The resource utilization rates allow you to plan long-term resource management based on current and future needs.

Statistical analysis and report

Statistical analyzes can be put in place to understand resource uses and proactively manage resources.

  • use rate
  • Durations of use
  • Number of reservations

In order to better respond to the needs of companies in terms of resource management, REQUEA opened its first subsidiary in 2012. Art sur le Web, a laboratory of graphic creations and internet applications, bring creative and simple solutions to companies, Associations that need to manage resources internally.

Among Art sur le Web’s clients